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    TURBONIQUE TURBINE: Jet engine plans, owners manual

    Added on 14 June - Houston

    THE TURBONIQUE TECHNICAL MANUAL IN 1963, Turbonique, Inc., of Orlando, Florida produced an incredible series of gas turbines producing 42 to 1000 shaft HP, 'thrust' engines, and self powered superchargers to sell their primary product Thermolene, a powerful monopropellant. The engines were on the cover of all the karting magazines, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Karting World, etc. (photo above #2.) Turbonique put plans for all the engines in 1 hefty Technical Manual for all their dealers, and sent us periodic updates, along with a bibliography for potential customers. Times changed. When it no longer became possible for private U.S. citizens to order large quantities of a monopropellant, Turbonique went out of business. THIS IS NOT A KIT I have maintained my manual and all the updates. What I'm offering here is a photocopy of the updated manual as of 11/01/2012. There are twelve chapters: General Chapter Index, Fuels - fuel supply systems - fuel control systems, Machining instructions - drawings photographs - parts list, Assembly instructions -turbine plans - supercharger plans - thrust engine plans, Microturbo gas turbine installation instructions, automotive supercharger installation instructions, thrust engine installation instructions, check - test- and operation of all Thermolene-powered engines and devices, Performance: Microturbo gas turbine engines, Performance aux powered superchargers, Performance thrust engines, and Maintenance instructions: turbines - superchargers - thrust engines. 80 pages in all, plus updates: a photo of the Turbocharger Casting Kit, images of the engine with a propeller, images of the engines mounted on various single-seat homebuilt craft: jet Karts, jet hovercraft, automobiles, motorcycles, on test stand with an ultralight prop (photo above #3.) There are also casting patterns to make your own turbines, and a chart comparing the performance of the Turboniques using Thermolene and Thermolene-oxygen, to other fuels: Kerosene-nitric, Hydrogen peroxide, Carbon Dioxide @ 850 PSI, and more. I'm quite familiar with the engines, and will be glad to discuss them with you if you have further questions, or if you have an engine and would like to obtain copies of the customer-written performance reports in the bibliography from various magazines before buying this updated manual. Currently I have: "Do-It-Yourself Turbine" Car Life, July, 1963 "Microturbo" Science & Mechanics, September, 1963 (photo above #2) "World's fastest Kart" Karting World, February, 1964 "Join the Jet-Set" Karting World, September, 1964 "Hurricane on 2 Wheels" June, 1969 "Formula J Operator's Manual" Turbonique (jet go-kart) The completed project is not a toy. Adult supervision is mandatory. TO SEE MORE ITEMS LIKE THIS PLEASE VISIT MY EBAY STORE: Ancient War Machines ARV-5 (hybrid athodyd) Brauner (1/2 wave Dyna-Jet class pulsejet) 9" Cannon 11" Cannon Chemical Flares Cyclone Devil Dart Dixie Belle (model paddlewheeler uses real steam engines) Hot Canary Mighty Mite Opel Hatry (model of the 1st rocket plane uses Jetex engines) Pistol Crossbow 2-Cylinder Racing Engine 4-Cylinder Racing Engine Screaming Demon Turbine (SD-1) Supplementary plans, Owner's manual, pictures Snark (model cruise missile uses Jetex Engine) Speed King (steam engine) Turbocraft P-38B Turbocraft U-22A Turbonique Technical Manual(gas turbines, rockets, turbochargers) NEW LISTINGS POSTED DAILY......